Corsets & Underpinnings  

This page shows corsets from several different eras, some examples of shifts/chemises, a few petticoats, and a really nifty bustle. If you are interested in an item not shown here, please feel free to contact me, I love the underwear...

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Medieval straight fronted "paire of bodies", or corset in tan brocade. Corset has attached shoulder straps and waist tabs, hand worked eyelets, and both front and back lacing, for better fit and ease in donning without help.

See also this view of the back.

Colonial strapless stays in printed cotton. Stays are fully boned, with no waist tabs, and finished with self binding. Again, front and back lacing allows for wider range of fit, as well as enables the wearer to don them without help.

See also this view of the back.

Colonial "jumps" in brown linen, bound with black grosgrain ribbon. Lightly boned with attached shoulder straps, and front and back lacing with hand worked eyelets.

See also this view of the back.

Full length Regency corset in olive satin. Corset is bound with gold satin edging, and has attached shoulder straps, bust gussets and laced hip slits for "riding". Two piece eyelets are brass, and there is a heavy "busk" at center front for added rigidity.

See also this view of the back.

Basic corset in tan twill appropriate for 1820s to late 1840s, corset has front stud & loop busk closure, with back lacing. Bust gussets accentuate the breasts, while the longer length smooths the figure through the waist and over the hips.

See also this view of the back.

Victorian corset in cream patterned satin, with lace and ribbon trim at top. Corset has front stud & loop busk closure, with back lacing. Fully boned with shaped panels to minimize the waist, it fits just above the hips with pointed center front and back.

See also this view of the back.

Regency "bodiced petticoat" in unbleached muslin. This is a sleeveless drawstring chemise with a built-in regency "short corset", taking the place of both the chemise and corset. The front has both a drawstring closure for the under layer, and lacing for the corset, giving both support and uplift to the bust.

See also these views of the backand a closeup of the front "short corset".

Basic drawstring chemise in white muslin for wear under any sytle of 18c gown. Oval neckline with elbow length sleeves, chemise falls to mid-calf.

See also this view of a lower, square necked regency chemisewith the shorter sleeves for wear under the short sleeved empire waist gowns.

Short sleeved, off-the-shoulder civil war chemise with lace trim and button front. Sleeves are slightly puffed and cuffed for wear under most civil war gowns and bodices.

See also this view of a sleeveless version for wear under short sleeved ball gowns. This version has eyelet trim and decorative appliques.

Late Victorian/early edwardian combination camisole-petticoat in bleached cotton muslin. Deep flounced ruffle at hem helps hold out the gored skirts of this later period.

See also this view of the era appropriate flounced petticoat with a double lace trimmed ruffle.

Civil war petticoat in White muslin with 4 deep ruffles and a drawstring waist. Worn over a crinoline hoop it softens the line of the overskirt to hide the hoops underneath, worn without a crinoline, it gives the appearance of several petticoats.

See also this view of the pantalettes commonly worn under the crinoline. These pantalettes are historically accurate with an open crotch seam, yoked front waistband and ruffles decorating each leg.

"Travelling" bustle in heavy denim, with muslin edging and waist ties. Bustle can be spread flat and folded or rolled for storage or transport in a carpetbag or satchel.

See also this view of the backwith the layers gathered and opened to form the bustle.